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This online service is for public record requests only.  Other Services are found on the County web page in the upper right hand corner where there is a button  where you can enter your request, or you may click Action Center to transfer you to the action center. 

" Public Records" are defined in Ala. Code § 41-13-1 as "all written, typed or printed books, papers, letters, documents and maps made or received in pursuance of law by the public officers of the state, counties, municipalities and other subdivisions of government in the transactions of public business and shall also include any record authorized to be made by any law of this state belonging or pertaining to any court of record or any other public record authorized by law or any paper, pleading, exhibit or other writing filed with, in or by any such court, office or officer.

For land records, please contact Jefferson County Probate Court directly:

The Jefferson County Commission is not the custodian of the following: The Jefferson County Commission will not provide the following services:
  • General background checks
  • Creation of documents, summaries, and reports that do not already exist

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